Atrenne, a Celestica company, offers the industry’s largest design portfolio of commercial and COTS backplanes in custom, VPX, VME64x and other VITA and PICMG open-embedded form factors.  As the industry leader, Atrenne is uniquely positioned to help you minimize your risk and speed up your backplane development schedule.  No matter what your system needs, Atrenne is ready to assist you with expert guidance and support from end-to-end.  Whether you are building a development, demonstration, or deployable application, and whether you need it air-cooled, conduction-cooled, liquid-cooled, or something else, Atrenne can be your one-stop shop. Please browse our individual backplane offerings.

Backplanes come in many shapes and sizes, and handle a wide range of signal integrity, connectivity, mechanical, standards compliance, environmental, and electronic criteria. Broadly speaking Atrenne produces three categories of backplanes:

COTS Backplanes

Available off-the-shelf from Atrenne and typically use the following form factors: OpenVPX™, VITA67 OpenVPX, VXS, VME64x, CompactPCI® (cPCI), or hybrids.  Another popular form of COTS backplanes are VPX pass-through backplanes, which can be reconfigured with cabling to accommodate a desired backplane interconnect topology. 

Modified COTS Development Backplane Solutions

Derivative of a COTS backplane design described above.  This type of backplane is intended for benign and/or lab environments.These can be OpenVPX, VITA67 OpenVPX, VXS, VME64x, cPCI, or hybrids, and may also be 3U/6U hybrids and/ or mixed pitch.

Rugged Backplane Solutions

Intended for ruggedized applications; these are also usually Modified COTS backplanes (described above), but are intended to support application specific requirements in terms of environment and a well-defined set of module and IO configurations.


Signal Integrity is a key chassis criteria and is particularly critical with high speed serial fabric interconnects (e.g. OpenVPX).  New OpenVPX designs, that run PCIe Gen-3, 40 Gb Ethernet or InfiniBand QDR or higher, are rapidly moving to new Gen-3 signaling rates. Achieving a robust OpenVPX solution at Gen-3 signaling rates of >10 Gbaud is a daunting task that requires advanced modeling tools, high speed signaling know-how and expertise. Atrenne Integrated Solutions has made significant investments in Gen-3 OpenVPX signal integrity analysis related to:

  • PCB laminates
  • Weave effects
  • Impedance tolerances
  • Trace geometries
  • Via geometries

Atrenne's proprietary signal integrity methods minimize return loss, crosstalk, and mode conversion. Our investment in signal integrity research, make Atrenne uniquely qualified to ensure reliable operation at Gen-3 signaling rates.

Please browse our individual backplane offerings or if you have an application-specific requirement, contact us.


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