As a preferred vendor to the world's largest defense and industrial companies, Atrenne’s high-speed backplanes are the go-to choice for organizations delivering high performance and reliability in the harshest defense and industrial computing environments. Available in all of the latest form factors, our backplanes are fully customizable to address the requirements of your specific application.  Atrenne offers the industry’s largest selection of 10 Gbaud Gen-3 VPX backplanes

Build-to-Print Assembly

If you design backplanes and are looking for a manufacturing partner, Atrenne offers value-add build-to-print services including circuit card assembly (CCA). We have extensive experience building backplanes and circuit card assemblies that support VPX, PCI, VME, CompactPCI, uTCA and aTCA platforms.


When your application has specific requirements, Atrenne also has the design expertise to create an application-specific backplane that meets your unique needs. 


VITA and PICMG architecture backplanes are a favorite choice in many performance and mission-critical, embedded-computing architectures.  Atrenne offers backplanes in many sizes, with a range of speed, connectivity, mechanical, compliance, and environmental criteria. We support a variety of architectures, including:

Please browse our individual backplane offerings or if you have an application-specific requirement, contact us.

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