Atrenne offers complete system maintenance services for integrated systems that include an Atrenne or other vendor’s chassis or backplane. Atrenne will perform troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance upgrades, replacement, redesign, repair and lifecycle support services on all Atrenne and third party components including enclosures, sub-assemblies, boards and integrated systems.

Single Point of Contact

The system maintenance service offering provides our customers with a single point of contact for service of a system comprised of multiple vendors’ components. Frequently, a system integrator is forced to take a serial approach to troubleshooting a system across multiple vendors, and may not be capable of reproducing problems due to a lack of interoperability expertise. Eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors, working on multiple components, results in reduced down time and lower system costs.


As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Atrenne is uniquely qualified to troubleshoot, diagnose, and perform maintenance upgrades or replacements on your system or subsystem. With extensive electromechanical design-build expertise and value-add, build-to-print manufacturing, Atrenne is an ideal partner to assist in solving the most challenging issues whether related to design, upgrades, redesigns or life cycle management.


The components, enclosures, sub-assemblies, boards and integrated systems we repair go into a variety of communication equipment, including: 

• Networking
• Data storage
• Cable and satellite distribution
• Video transmission
• Internet connection
• Servers, switches, routers
• Broadcasters and radios
• Other electromechanical systems

Atrenne’s integration expertise and unique combination of in-depth mechanical, electrical, and system design knowledge is gleaned from 40+ years of work on some of the most performance critical and demanding applications in the world.

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