Atrenne offers a wide variety of custom extruded aluminum chassis options that are utilized as a component in aesthetic and robust chassis solutions.  In addition, we can provide a full range of value add services including finishing, labeling, and assembly requirements.

Let Atrenne help you produce a bezel with the design and colors to help your products really stand out. Using our extrusion technology, finishing, and assembly capabilities, we can form a customized bezel to the shape that fits your unique needs and that helps enhance your brand in the marketplace.

Atrenne extrusions are typically made of 6005A aluminum.


  • Integrate custom features such as optical cable support or cable management
  • Custom visual features
  • Robust and cost effective designs for communications and enterprise/networking applications
  • Design, Applications Engineering, and Product Development Support
  • Strong DFM (Design-For-Manufacturing) focus for cost effective and high quality designs
  • Integrate aesthetic and ergonomic design elements into the front panel and ejectors
  • Full testing and analysis support
  • Finishing: overlays, silkscreening, powder coat, various plating/coating options
  • Global manufacturing footprint; We can support your product, whenever and wherever you need it
  • Vertically integrated capabilities from extruding to fabricating to finishing and assembl


Extruded Aluminum Case Study