Atrenne, a Celestica company, program management tracks all major milestones and key elements of the design and manufacturing phase, including procurement, manufacturing, test and qualification.  At a project's onset, Atrenne assigns a dedicated program manager to develop a master schedule and generate a list of action items for complete tracking throughout program life cycle. The program manager also helps to create a risk assessment plan, as well as test plans and preliminary bills of materials for designs.

Program Managers have a direct interface to functional leads within each operating unit; allowing them to effectively elevate any critical issues for efficient, effective, and expedient resolution.  Additionally, the program management staff is trained and follows the Program Management Institute (PMI) practices.  Following the nine Knowledge Areas identified by the PMI, listed below, empowers program managers to mobilize the team for project execution.


Risk is inherent with any project, and Atrenne program managers assess risks continuously and develop plans to address them.  For each significant project, the Atrenne risk management practice entails analysis of likely risks with both high and low impact, as well as mitigation strategies to help a project avoid being impacted. All project elements regularly undergo a risk assessment in order to keep risk mitigation actions current under changing conditions.  Risks are identified by all members of the project team.   All potential risks are evaluated against a series of criteria and a determination is made to establish the extent to which a given item must be managed and tracked.


To ensure continued communication and efficient progress of the project, the program manager holds regular design and schedule update meetings with the customer. Production readiness review meetings and test readiness review meetings are also scheduled as the program progress.  Also, technical interchange meetings (TIM) take place as needed.

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