MicroVent Technology

Critical server blade design changes can yield significant benefits to cost and energy conscious data center operators.  MicroVent® technology is an advanced approach to venting that includes hexagonal features with 80%+ open area and material thickness from 2mm to 5mm.  With MicroVent front panels, rear panels and fan guards, server and router blades can reduce component costs, improve MTBF and improve EMI/RFI protection when using high-speed signaling.  Please refer to our MicroVent resource page for more information.


OpenVPX Gen-3 10 Gbaud Backplane Signaling

The OpenVPX™ (VITA 65) ecosystem is now transitioning from Gen-2 to Gen-3 signaling, which brings an increase in signaling rates from 6.25 Gbaud to >10 Gbaud.  10 Gbaud signaling supports the ubiquitous interconnects: PCI Express 3.0, 40 Gigabit Ethernet  and Infiniband QDR and FDR-10.  Please see our 10 Gbaud resources page for more information.